Executable problem - socket?

MRAB python at mrabarnett.plus.com
Thu Feb 25 04:10:14 CET 2010

Gib Bogle wrote:
> Hi,
> My student has been developing a GUI (using PyQt and PyQwt) that runs a 
> model written in Fortran and built as a DLL.  She has to present on this 
> work tomorrow.  She makes an executable version of the Python code with 
> py2exe, and the executable runs fine on her Vista laptop and my XP 
> machine.  It doesn't run on the PC that she must use for her talk 
> tomorrow.  The Fortran DLL code is started up, it writes some text 
> output to a couple of log files, then it fails with a WindowsError 
> (000001d) which is a write error.  I suspect that this is the first 
> attempt to write to a socket (communication from the DLL to Python is 
> via sockets).  The only clue is that the machines that her program runs 
> on have Python installed, while the one that fails doesn't.  Therefore I 
> suspect that py2exe has omitted a necessary Python DLL.  How can I track 
> down what might be missing?
You could try Dependency Walker: http://dependencywalker.com/

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