Executable problem - correction

Gib Bogle g.bogle at auckland.no.spam.ac.nz
Thu Feb 25 06:22:04 CET 2010

The program doesn't fail with the write error on the other XP machine, it 
actually fails to execute at all, complaining about the configuration 
information.  Therefore I'm seeing different behaviour on three XP machines:

Box 1 (SP2): runs OK
Box 2 (SP3): fails to start
Box 3 (SP3): starts up, all Qt stuff works, fails after invoking the Fortran DLL

Just to add to the confusion, execution is successful on a Windows 7 box.

I forgot to mention that the laptop on which the program was built (and where it 
runs OK) is using Vista.  I now see that it will probably be necessary to build 
separate Vista and XP versions - I should have realized this earlier, but was 
misled by the fact that the Vista-built program runs OK on my XP SP2 box.

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