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Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Feb 25 12:13:28 CET 2010

simn_stv wrote:
> hello people, i have been reading posts on this group for quite some
> time now and many, if not all (actually not all!), seem quite
> interesting.
> i plan to build an application, a network based application that i
> estimate (and seriously hope) would get as many as 100, 000 hits a day
> (hehe,...my dad always told me to 'AIM HIGH' ;0), not some 'facebook'
> or anything like it, its mainly for a financial transactions which
> gets pretty busy...
> so my question is this would anyone have anything that would make
> python a little less of a serious candidate (cos it already is) and
> the options may be to use some other languages (maybe java, C (oh
> God))...i am into a bit of php and building API's in php would not be
> the hard part, what i am concerned about is scalability and
> efficiency, well, as far as the 'core' is concerned.
> would python be able to manage giving me a solid 'core' and will i be
> able to use python provide any API i would like to implement?...
> im sorry if my subject was not as clear as probably should be!.
> i guess this should be the best place to ask this sort of thing, hope
> im so right.
> Thanks

I'd suggest that if you are running an operation that gets 100,000 hits
a day then your problems won't be with Python but with organizational
aspects of your operation.

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