Renaming identifiers & debugging

Luca lucat at
Thu Feb 25 16:26:32 CET 2010

Hello, i am trying to develop an application to teach programming to 
young kids in a similar way as Logo did in the past. I would like to use 
an embedded Python as underlying language but this raises a problem.

The target of my app are very young kids that might be unfamiliar with 
english, so i am wondering if there is a way to rename/redefine 
identifiers and messages in the language of the kid.

In UCB-Logo this is very easy with the command
   COPYDEF "newidentifier "oldidentifier
so all you have to do is setup a startup script to redefine all the 
identifiers to the language of the user.

Is there anything similar for python? Since python would be embedded it 
would not be a problem for me to do it through some API.

Also, i would need a way to debug the program, so set up breakpoints, 
execute line by line, inspect variables, is there any API for this in 
embedded python?

Thank you,

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