PyQt 4.7 installation on Windows

Gib Bogle g.bogle at
Fri Feb 26 12:43:20 CET 2010

I've just installed Python 2.6.4 and PyQt 4.7 on my Windows machine, on which I 
was using Python 2.5 and PyQt 4.5.  Now 'from PyQt4 import QtGui'
fails to find the DLL.  Some googling shows that others have encountered the 
same problem, and a workaround is to copy QtGui4.dll (for example) from
This is obviously not a solution, just a clue.  Another clue is that the Python 
2.5 installation didn't have the \bin subdirectory, instead all the DLLs were in 
PyQt4.  It looks as if for 2.6 the DLLs have been moved but the search path 
hasn't been changed.  sys.path includes D:\python26\lib\site-packages, and the 
Windows PATH environment variable includes D:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4\bin

For some reason I have a sense of deja vu.  Can anyone help?

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