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John Pinner funthyme at
Sat Feb 27 16:29:46 CET 2010

On Feb 24, 8:23 pm, Andreas Waldenburger <use... at geekmail.INVALID>
> Hi all,
> a company that works with my company writes a lot of of their code in
> Python (lucky jerks). I've seen their code and it basically looks like
> this:
> """Function that does stuff"""
> def doStuff():
>     while not wise(up):
>         yield scorn
> Now my question is this: How do I kill these people without the
> authorities thinking they didn't deserve it?

A good way to control Python contractors is (given that firstly there
are functional specifications to comply with, and tests to pass) is to
impose the following condition:

that all code delivered must reach a score of (say) 9.5 or more when
checked by pylint

and pylint could be the way to demonstrate the problems to the

If payment depends on such a measure, things will change quite

> /W
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