help with Python installation

gujax rjngrj2010 at
Sun Feb 28 02:48:15 CET 2010

I have been trying to install python on my Win ME system for over two
years - gave up for a while and now I am back with a resolve to solve
the problem. I tried all versions of python but having installation
problems for all. Installation does not proceed and I get a message
saying "dll required for installation could not be run". I do not even
know what to do next. I also tried Activepython. It installs but when
I try to open it from Start->Programs->ActivePython 2.6, I get an
error window saying - upgrade windows.
Is there no solution at all to installing python on WinME. I have
checked registry several times online and have sought professional
help but so far no success.
Thanks, I will appreciate any help

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