Docstrings considered too complicated

MRAB python at
Sun Feb 28 03:45:18 CET 2010

Gregory Ewing wrote:
> Mel wrote:
>> You could think of it as a not bad use of the design principle "Clear 
>> The Simple Stuff Out Of The Way First".  Destinations are commonly a 
>> lot simpler than sources
> That's not usually true in assembly languages, though,
> where the source and destination are both very restricted
> and often about the same complexity.
> That's not to say that right-to-left is the wrong way
> to do it in an assembly language, but there are less
> misleading words than "move" that could be used.
> Z80 assembly language uses "load", which makes things
> considerably clearer:
>   LD A, B  ; load A with B
Some processors distinguish between "load" (memory to register) and
"store" (register to memory), and the destination and LHS operand of
binary operations might be the same register, for example:

     CLC ; clear the carry
     LDA first ; accumulator := byte at first
     ADCA second ; accumulator := accumulator + byte at second + carry
     STA result ; byte at third := accumulator

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