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>>>           Incidentally, good naming would help to make the code easier to
>>>           debug.  This finalTrees and trees variables don't look to me
>>> like
>>>           you intended them to be trees at all, but lists of
>>>        tab-indented data.
>>>        No kidding. Many people have commented on my poor choices of
>>>        names. That's one of the things on my agenda to change (with
>>>        some tools that I understand are out there) once I get this
>>>        program finished and working for clients.
>>>    Your clients will get it _with_ its faults? You'll fix it with some
>>>    tools that you _understand_ are out there, ie you haven't looked
>>>    for/found them yet? Yikes! :-)
>>> How many espressos do you drink a day? Do you mainline the stuff? Relax,
>>> dude. Rome wasn't made in a day. I'll get there. Chill out, dude.
>>>  Programming is about attention to detail. It's not like poetry, with its
>> "poetic licence". Has a mistake in poetry ever caused a rocket to fail
>> (Ariane 5, flight 501)? :-)
> Heavens no! And thank goodness! Yes, as I like to say, "The devil is in the
> details...and well employed in software development!" LOL!
> beno


Poetry is the art of writing
what goes without saying.

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