Which version of MSVC?90.DLL's to distribute with Python 2.6 based Py2exe executables?

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Sat Jan 2 00:51:00 CET 2010

> the method involves editing python26.dll in order to remove
> dependency references and then dropping msvcr90.dll in the same
> directory as the py2exe produced executable.

Clever idea Waldemar, thanks for that, but for the moment, using the
dll as a win32 assembly (ie. with a manifest file, as described by
others earlier in this thread) seems to work just as well.

>> > You'll need to include Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest and msvcr90.dll.

So, for the record, I have included these two files in a directory
called 'Microsoft.VC90.CRT', which is in the same dir as my
executable, and that makes everything work, even on my 'bare bones'
windows XP virtual machine.

The end result is a small game some friends and I put together for the
PyWeek competition a few months ago. If anyone wants to see exactly
how the resulting dll and manifest look, you can download the Windows
binary under the 'featured downloads' from here:

I appreciate David Bolen's comment that an installer isn't that hard
to put together: Acknowledged, but for the moment I still seem to be
getting away without needing one.

Best regards,


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