Python Concurrency Workshop, Jan 14-15, 2010

Mike Howard mike at
Sat Jan 2 19:21:11 CET 2010

Hi Dave,

Chicago in January?

How about moving it to Denver - it's a nice town and I live close by.


David Beazley wrote:
> 		  Python Concurrency Workshop, v2.0
> 			 January 14-15, 2010
> 			  Chicago, Illinois
> 		  *** Last Two Weeks to Register ***
> Join David Beazley, author of the Python Essential Reference, for an
> in-depth workshop on concurrent programming techniques and
> idioms. This workshop, designed for more experienced Python
> programmers, covers threads, synchronization, message passing,
> multiprocessing, distributed computing, coroutines, asynchronous I/O
> and other related topics with an eye towards writing programs that can
> run on multiple CPU cores, clusters, or distributed systems.  A major
> theme of the workshop is to explore and understand different
> programming techniques, their associated performance properties, and
> other tradeoffs.  You'll definitely walk away with new insight and a
> better understanding of how different parts of Python work under the
> covers.
> Workshop attendance is strictly limited to six people. More information,
> including a detailed topic index, is available at:
> Hopefully I'll see you in a few weeks! 

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