Xah's Edu Corner: Teach Ourself Programing In Ten Years?

Wanna-Be Sys Admin sysadmin at example.com
Sun Jan 3 01:01:50 CET 2010

Alain Picard wrote:

> [Aplogies about the wild cross-post follow-up --- I guess the topic
> [really
> is relevant to most programming communities.]

No, it's not relevant.  Xah Lee is a self spammer, in that he spams
about himself, tries to get people hyped up about him and thinks he's
impressing people (he's not).  He continually cross posts to the
language groups he thinks he knows about (often to Perl, where there's
no mention of Perl, other than he's used it once or so).  He knows very
little about any of these languages, but likes to talk a whole lot, as
in talking up about himself and how he thinks himself a genius.  If you
could please not cross post his self-spamming replies to the Python and
Perl groups, at least, I'd appreciate it.  Most people know about him
and have filtered his posts by now.  Thanks.
Not really a wanna-be, but I don't know everything.

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