IOError - cannot create file (linux daemon-invoked script)

Christian Heimes lists at
Sun Jan 3 03:40:17 CET 2010

cassiope wrote:
> The strange thing is that even with the right user-id, I cannot seem
> to write to the directory, getting an IOError exception.  Changing the
> directory to world-writable fixes this.  I can confirm the uid and gid
> for the script by having the script print these values just before
> trying to create/write the file.  Becoming the same lesser user, I
> have no problem writing a file to the same directory.

Are you able to write to the directory with the user id when you tried
to create a file manually?
How are you changing the uid and gid of your script? IIRC you have to
set the effective user id with os.seteuid() and os.setegid().


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