Safe file I/O to shared file (or SQLite) from multi-threaded web server

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Mon Jan 4 02:45:28 CET 2010

Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> In message <mailman.367.1262529266.28905.python-list at>, Steve 
> Holden wrote:
>> Yes, but not to MySQL, please. Particularly since there is a sword of
>> Damocles hanging over its head while the Oracle takeover of Sun is
>> pending.
> Ah, I see the FUDsters are crawling out of the woodwork here, as well. I’ve 
> got news for you: MySQL is an open-source product. And you can’t kill Open 
> Source. So go crawling back to your proprietary world, if that’s the only 
> world you understand.

I have no objection to you attempting to inform me about things I
already understand, but I would appreciate at least some attempt on your
part to maintain civility in your discourse. There is no need to be so
obnoxious, or so ill-informed: I didn't get to chair the Python Software
Foundation by "crawling [around in a] proprietary world", so kindly mind
your manners.

MySQL has always been technically inferior to other choices of open
source database. The current state of affairs was entirely predictable,
and appears to be more to do with Monty Widenius' wish to continue
exploiting a brand that he sold toSun two years ago than it has to do
with technical issues, as I pointed out yesterday.

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