Question about an application

r0g at
Mon Jan 4 08:05:23 CET 2010

rieh25 wrote:
> Thanks, I had forgotten about it. I'll investigate if there are ways to
> automate using it to run programs in several computers at the same time.
> Rodrick Brown wrote:
>> Take a look at ssh

There are. Take a look at paramiko if you want to interface with SSH
within python. Depending on what you need to do it may well be easier to
use bash scripts / batch files or simply the CLI instead e.g.

ssh account_name at 192.168.x.x 'ls /' > root_folder_listing.txt

This line...
  starts ssh
  logs into account on machine 192.168.x.x
  executes ls
  pipes the data back to
  a file on your local machine

Easy peasy :)


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