Best practices for simultaneously installed versioned packages?

Larry Hastings larry at
Mon Jan 4 12:09:32 CET 2010

I'm writing a package for Python 3--let's call it "spacegoblin".  I fear someday I may need multiple versions installed and available simultaneously, even within one version of Python.  So I want to plan ahead for that possibility.  What would be the best way to allow this?  Right now I install the package with the version in the name, like "spacegoblin_1_0" and "spacegoblin_1_1".  But I have an uneasy sense that I'm doing something stupid... mainly because I've never seen anyone do this before.

A coworker said they did it like "spacegoblin.1_0" and "spacegoblin.1_1" at a previous employer.  That seems like an improvement, though not the "yes that's obviously right" answer I'm holding out for.  Your thoughts?



p.s. Before you ask: no, I don't want to use "virtualenv" for this.

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