Printing plain text with exact positioning on Windows

KvS keesvanschaik at
Tue Jan 5 02:50:13 CET 2010

On Jan 5, 1:01 am, "alejandro" <aleksanda... at> wrote:
> Don't remember much.. but maybe you could play with canvas?
> I think i don't undertand(i am a croatian so english is not my mother
> language). If you have the need that the pdf and the printer setup have lets
> say the same paper size, sorry but can't help.
> If you want lets say different printer margins for different documents/pages
> just calculate them.
> A4 is 210x297mm and you have need for a margin of 10mm..
> width = 210 - margin
> height = 297 - margin
> now for positioning use the variables instead the absolute positioning..
> i think that reportlab has some methods that alow you to position
> text/photos from the left top corner instead the normal positioning.
> Don't know if I helped you in any way...
> Good luck!
> "KvS" <keesvansch... at> wrote in message
> news:54eb4786-5db3-453d-971a-a4b359fc2de8 at
> On Jan 4, 11:58 pm, "alejandro" <aleksanda... at> wrote:
> > I think the easyest way for printing text is with ReportLab. Just few
> > lines
> > of code and you have a nice pdf...
> Ok, thanks. In that scenario I would also need to be able to
> programatically adjust the printing margins in Acrobat reader, i.e.
> automate it to some extent. Is that also possible?

I trust I can do that in reportlab. But then if you print the pdf, you
would still get some margin between the edge of the paper and the text
due to the printing settings of Acrobat Reader basically. I need the
text to be as close as possible to the actual edge of the paper, so I
need to somehow make those margins as small as possible as well...

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