Speeding up network access: threading?

Jens Müller me4 at privacy.net
Tue Jan 5 19:45:50 CET 2010

Hi and sorry for double posting - had mailer problems,

> Terry said "queue". not "list". Use the Queue class (it's thread-safe)
> in the "Queue" module (assuming you're using Python 2.x; in Python 3.x
> it's called the "queue" module).

Yes yes, I know. I use a queue to realize the thread pool queue, that works 
all right.

But each worker thread calculates a result and needs to make it avaialable 
to the application in the main thread again. Therefore, it appends its 
result to a common list. This seems works as well, but I was thinking of 
possible conflict situations that maybe could happen when two threads append 
their results to that same result list at the same moment.


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