Printing plain text with exact positioning on Windows

Nobody nobody at
Tue Jan 5 20:16:32 CET 2010

On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 04:40:14 -0800, KvS wrote:

>> Did you mean borderless printing?
>> Every printer needs his margins, some more some less. Some printers have the
>> ability to do borderless printing but usualy they can do it only on special
>> or photo paper. So you can adjust the pdf as you wish, even with no margins,
>> and then try to find under printer options "borderless printing". That is
>> why I didn't understand :-)) it is a printer thing not pdf!
> As much as possible "borderless", yes. Of course the printer will
> still apply some small margin, but that's ok. A margin of say <0.5 cm.
> is fine. So it's not a printer thing, I accept the (physical)
> limitations of the printer, but I want to avoid any extra margins due
> to software settings.

"Hardcopy" document formats such as PostScript and PDF use positions
relative to the edges of the page, not the margins.

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