File transfer with python

r0g at
Wed Jan 6 23:55:27 CET 2010

Valentin de Pablo Fouce wrote:
> Hi there,
> I hope this is the rigth place, if not please, tell me which is the
> right dicussion place. I apologize in such case.
> Ok, I am trying to do a very quick application (is "home based" so is
> not a big deal...). My intention is to transfer files from one
> computer to another.
> I am using several OS (Linux and Windows basicly, but potentially in
> the future Mac too), and the computers won't be potentially in the
> same network (ok, the most times will... but there will be
> exceptions).
> My intention is to be able to transfer files from one computer to
> another in this environment.
> Looking (and surfing) at internet the only suggestion given is to use
> low level sockets for this file transfer. Is there another way to do
> it, is there any top level library that helps you to do that?
> That's a lot!

Well there's several file transfer protocols you could use, TFTP, FTP,
SFTP and you can do SCP and Rysnc over SSH.

AFAIK there's python libs that handle all of those. Unless you need very
high performance I'd suggest using SFTP (Secure file transfer protocol).

Lookup the Paramiko library, it does this and other SSH based stuff.


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