Astronomy--Programs to Compute Siderial Time?

W. eWatson wolftracks at
Thu Jan 7 01:40:31 CET 2010

W. eWatson wrote:
> Is there a smallish Python library of basic astronomical functions? 
> There are a number of large such libraries that are crammed with 
> excessive functions not needed for common calculations.
It looks like I've entered a new era in my knowledge of Python. I found 
a module somewhat like I want, You can see an intro to it 
at <>.
It appears that I can get the code for it through section 1.2, near the 
bottom. I scooped it up, and placed it in a corresponding 
file of the same name and type via NotePad. However, there is a xml file 
below it. I know little about it. I thought maybe I could do the same, 
but Notepad didn't like some characters in it. As I understand Python 
doc files are useful. So how do I get this done, and where do I put the 

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