Exception as the primary error handling mechanism?

Steven D'Aprano steven at REMOVE.THIS.cybersource.com.au
Thu Jan 7 02:31:38 CET 2010

On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:58:21 +0000, r0g wrote:

> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 22:46:33 +0000, r0g wrote:
>>> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>>> On 2010-01-06, r0g <aioe.org at technicalbloke.com> wrote:
>>>>> NO! It's a rude way to start a sentence don't you think?
>>>> No.  When somebody asks a yes/no question, answering yes or no seems
>>>> quite polite to me.  Following the yes/no answer with an explanation
>>>> of the answer is always nice, and I've little doubt that's what
>>>> happened.
>>> Well actually I hadn't asked a question and I hadn't been talking to
>>> him, he just butted in with it. Otherwise yes I agree completely.
>> It's a public forum. You're talking to the whole world.
> See? Spoiling for an argument even now! I never said you weren't allowed
> to butt in, just that you did. Butting in is fine, that's half the point
> of public groups after all but it's also besides the point. I was merely
> explaining to Grant that I hadn't posed a yes/no question to anyone, let
> alone you.

I quote from your very next post:

Well I think sometimes, for the sake of expediency and overall
pleasantness, it's better to let the smaller things go: and if you just
can't let them go then at least try and issue corrections in a friendly
manner rather than a cold or pious one.
[end quote]

Perhaps you should consider taking your own advice instead of lecturing 
us in an unpleasant, aggressive manner about how horrible we are for 
answering your questions with things you don't want to hear?

BTW, you were actually talking about Ben butting in -- it was Ben's 
answer that started with "No" that triggered this series of complaints 
from you:

I might have let it slip had you not started your reply with the word 
"No", that just p***** me off.
[end quote]

And the offending, dastardly comment from Ben?

Yes, it returns a tuple if you return more than one value, it just has
a lovely syntax for it.
No, there is nothing inherent to the ‘return’ statement for dealing with
multiple values.

The word "No" was clearly and obviously a response to the previous 
sentence that started "Yes". If this is all it takes to put you in a 
temper ("p***** me off") then I suggest you need to look at your own 
behaviour and stop blaming others.


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