Astronomy--Programs to Compute Siderial Time?

W. eWatson wolftracks at
Thu Jan 7 02:43:10 CET 2010

Roy Smith wrote:
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>  "W. eWatson" <wolftracks at> wrote:
>> Is there a smallish Python library of basic astronomical functions? 
>> There are a number of large such libraries that are crammed with 
>> excessive functions not needed for common calculations.
> FWIW, if you have any interest in this kind of stuff, you must read the 
> classic book on the subject:
> 6220
> This is not some textbook which takes graduate level physics to understand.  
> It's a straight-forward primer for people who want to use calculators to 
> compute phase of the moon and stuff like that.
Thanks, but I'm quite familiar with it. My copy is some 10-15 years old. 
  I suspect he never wrote a newer edition for any computer language. I 
do have access to a C++ library, but I don't think that's going to do me 
much good with Python.

My problem at the moment is finding either someone who has implemented 
it or another similar module.

Note I posted just before you that I have found a module, 
but am not familiar with how one installs them or the doc mechanism.

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