Exception as the primary error handling mechanism?

r0g aioe.org at technicalbloke.com
Thu Jan 7 02:54:25 CET 2010

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:58:21 +0000, r0g wrote:
>> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>>> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 22:46:33 +0000, r0g wrote:
>>>> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>>>> On 2010-01-06, r0g <aioe.org at technicalbloke.com> wrote:
>> See? Spoiling for an argument even now! I never said you weren't allowed
>> to butt in, just that you did. Butting in is fine, that's half the point
>> of public groups after all but it's also besides the point. I was merely
>> explaining to Grant that I hadn't posed a yes/no question to anyone, let
>> alone you.
> I quote from your very next post:
> [quote]
> Well I think sometimes, for the sake of expediency and overall
> pleasantness, it's better to let the smaller things go: and if you just
> can't let them go then at least try and issue corrections in a friendly
> manner rather than a cold or pious one.
> [end quote]

I did answer HIM in a friendly manner, to you I'm merely responding in kind.

Anyway I got upset at Ben's comments for several reasons which I
explained at length in that very post (and several subsequent ones) so I
won't rehash them any further here. The "No" in question was merely the
straw that broke the camels back and triggered my admittedly undignified
outburst. I have just seen too many supercilious replies beginning "No,
" in this forum and so yes, it p***** me off - I can happily admit it.

Of course clearly you're too cool to ever get p***** off yourself, I
detect no background seething at all here.


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