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Thu Jan 7 05:25:30 CET 2010

Philip Semanchuk wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2010, at 4:53 PM, <trzewiczek at>
> <trzewiczek at> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I posted that question on a python-forum, but got answer, so I ask here.
>> I'm working on an artistic project and I'm looking for the best
>> cross-platform GUI solution. The problem is that it's gonna be a tool
>> that
>> will have to be double-click installable/runnable and pre-installation of
>> any libraries for end-users is very much like an evil. It really has
>> to be
>> double-click tool
>> My first thought was PyQt, because it's a real framework with a lot of
>> stuff inside (including Phonon) and I know some cross-platform media
>> software written in C++ QT (like VLC). But on the other hand I've heard
>> that it's not that easy to make it "double-clicky" multi-platform. Is
>> that
>> true?
>> Another thing that matters for me is ease of integration with libraries
>> like OpenCV.
>> I will be VERY thankful for any help. I'm SO tired googling the problem
>> (it's like weeks now!!)
> Cześć trzewiczek,
> I'm not well qualified to answer your question but since no one else has
> I'll make a stab at it. I'm interested because I'll have to solve the
> same problem in some months time with a suite of wxPython-based apps
> that rely on a lot of libraries.

Actually the one I wouldn't recommend for the OP is wxPython. It's very
good and I use it almost exclusively but as the OP has an "artistic
project" I'm not sure it would be ideal. wxPython works by leveraging
the runtime platform's native toolkit so your apps are very portable and
fit in nicely with the look and feel of whatever system they're on but...

Sometimes that can make it hard to do very precise layouts that look the
same across platforms. Sometimes it doesn't manifest and the times where
it does wont be a problem for the vast majority of apps but if you
require very granular control you may be better off picking one toolkit
and sticking to it. I'd pick QT over GTK if I had to make a choice and
also I agree with the last poster that packaging any of them (for
windows at least) will require a fair degree of faff.


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