Assertions, challenges, and polite discourse

r0g at
Thu Jan 7 05:38:41 CET 2010

alex23 wrote:
> r0g <aioe.... at> wrote:
>> Well I think sometimes, for the sake of expediency and overall
>> pleasantness, it's better to let the smaller things go: and if you just
>> can't let them go then at least try and issue corrections in a friendly
>> manner rather than a cold or pious one.
> The irony, it is too rich...

Hi Alex, I didn't think anyone else would still be reading this thread!

The above was in the context of people who have done nothing to warrant
coldness and piety. Sadly we seem to have gotten way beyond that. You
are right though, in retrospect I should have let this slip, clearly no
minds have been changed by not doing :/


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