Exception as the primary error handling mechanism?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Thu Jan 7 08:29:50 CET 2010

r0g wrote:
> r0g wrote:
>> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>>> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:58:21 +0000, r0g wrote:
>>>> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 22:46:33 +0000, r0g wrote:
>>>>>> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>>>>>> On 2010-01-06, r0g <aioe.org at technicalbloke.com> wrote:
>>>> See? Spoiling for an argument even now! I never said you weren't allowed
>>>> to butt in, just that you did. Butting in is fine, that's half the point
> <snip>
>> detect no background seething at all here.
>> Roger.
> Actually guys I've just reread this thread from the start and I clearly
> did overreact, sorry about that. In fact it reminded me of this comic...
> http://xkcd.com/481/
> Time to smoke a joint and get a half decent nights sleep I think!
> Roger.

Brilliant. It takes a real whole human being to make an admission like
that (or even to bother to question their own behavior sufficiently to
bother re-reading the thread). I think a lot more of you for the admission.

Not that you really need care one way or the other what *I* think ...

We all have off-days. About three years ago I went completely apeshit at
someone in a fit of tiredness-induced pique, as was at one point amply
evidenced by


Strangely the universe conspired to stamp on that thread, and it appears
to have been lost to the python.org archives. A Google search for "Steve
Holden" and "not a fucking computer", however, reveals that my shame has
not been totally expunged.

[If only I could rickroll those links ... :)]

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