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Stuart Murray-Smith eight32 at
Thu Jan 7 10:46:38 CET 2010

2010/1/6 J <dreadpiratejeff at>:
> A good point was brought up to me privately, and I agree completely,
> that the OP should re-state the request with a bit more specifics...
> Since the OP says he is at least familiar with Python, does he need
> info on beginner level books that are general purpose, or is he
> interested in resources that are more specific (e.g. geared toward web
> programming, mathematical analysis, data modeling, etc)....
> My suggestions were meant just as an example of what I use in the
> course of learning something at the basic and intermediate level, once
> it goes beyond that, it's useful to know WHAT you intend to do so you
> can find the right resources to go in that direction.
> Just want to make sure I am not misunderstood or anything :-)
> For what it's worth, I also tend to collect technical books for some
> reason... My wife is just barely tolerant of my bookshelf full of
> things on various computer topics, astronomy, photography, radio and
> antenna theory and so forth ;-)  I just let her keep her shoe
> collection, and we have a quid pro quo.

Thanks J for your reply, much appreciated :)

Oops, vague OP, my bad.

Agreed, Google turns up myriad of topical books, and ESR's guide to
smart questions [1] helps set the pace of list culture. I subscribe to
various list servers, on one of them we gracefully accept that a
question like my OP is looking for opinion on a matter, which I now
understand would be a list's sub-culture?

Anyways, to rephrase, could someone kindly mention any of their
preferred Python books, websites, tutorials etc to help me get to an
intermediate/advanced level? Something that would help me add
functionality to Ubiquity, say.

Have a great day!



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