please help shrink this each_with_index() implementation

Roel Schroeven rschroev_nospam_ml at
Thu Jan 7 14:37:07 CET 2010

Phlip schreef:
> Nobody wrote:
>> Writing robust software from the outset puts you at a competitive
>> disadvantage to those who understand how the system works.
> And I, not my language, should pick and chose how to be rigorous. The language 
> should not make the decision for me.

You can always easily make your program less rigorous than the language,
but the reverse is generally very difficult. So a rigorous language
gives you the choice, why a non-rigorous language does not.

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge
faster than society gathers wisdom.
  -- Isaac Asimov

Roel Schroeven

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