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Thu Jan 7 16:26:18 CET 2010

On Jan 6, 4:53 pm, <trzewic... at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I posted that question on a python-forum, but got answer, so I ask here.
> I'm working on an artistic project and I'm looking for the best
> cross-platform GUI solution. The problem is that it's gonna be a tool that
> will have to be double-click installable/runnable and pre-installation of
> any libraries for end-users is very much like an evil. It really has to be
> double-click tool
> My first thought was PyQt, because it's a real framework with a lot of
> stuff inside (including Phonon) and I know some cross-platform media
> software written in C++ QT (like VLC). But on the other hand I've heard
> that it's not that easy to make it "double-clicky" multi-platform. Is that
> true?
> Another thing that matters for me is ease of integration with libraries
> like OpenCV.
> I will be VERY thankful for any help. I'm SO tired googling the problem
> (it's like weeks now!!)
> Best from Poland,
> trzewiczek

I don't know this for sure, but I would be surprised if any of the
toolkits gave you much more trouble than any other when making your
into a bundled executable.

I have made wxPython apps into a Windows .exe file easily using
which is an excellent GUI interface (written in wxPython by Andrea
to a number of the executable bundlers:  py2exe, PyInstaller, py2app,
cx_Freeze, bbFreeze.  Some of these are for Windows, some for Mac,
for Linux.

wxPython apparently works with OpenCV:

While you're Googling you might want to be aware of any legal
concerns with py2exe and distributing dll files (if there are

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