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Thu Jan 7 19:34:18 CET 2010

>> Anyways, to rephrase, could someone kindly mention any of their
>> preferred Python books, websites, tutorials etc to help me get to an
>> intermediate/advanced level? Something that would help me add
>> functionality to Ubiquity, say.
> I may be alone in this, but Alex Martelli's book ("Python in a
> nutshell"?) on Python 2.2 and a bit of 2.3, plus the official
> documentation, plus this group, is all I think I need.
> But I had a lot of Unix, C, C++ and Perl experience to help me.
> /Jorgen
I find Alex Martellis "Python Cookbook" excellent/invaluable and ( and 
also his Nutshell book mentioned above ) and depending on your 
application domain, I liked:

1) Hans Petter Langtangen: Python Scripting for Computational Science
A truly excellent book, not only with respect to Python Scripting , but 
also on how to avoid paying  license fees by using opensource tools as 
an engineer ( plotting, graphing, gui dev etc ). Very good , pratical 
introduction to Python with careful and non-trivial examples and exercises.

2) There is a book at Apress on using Python and matplotlib ( amongst 
other ) "Beginning Python Visualization" which is not as comprehensive 
as reference 1) but useful , especially for beginners who wants to 
visualize data from an engineers background

3) "Programming for the semantic web" Oreilly is a very pratical and 
interesting guide to things like OWL, triplestore, logic, reasoning, 
data mining and it is amongst the very few books on these topics I have 
seen that has working code examples

4) "Natural language priocessing with Python " Oreilly is also a 
pratical book with lots of working code if you are interested in data 
mining, text searching and natural language tasks. It is based on a 
rather large opensource library for natural language processing ( sorry 
forgot the exact name,but easy to find on the net)

All these book make you feel warm and confortable if you have ever tried 
to do these things in Perl, C++ or Java


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