Recommended "new" way for config files

Peter vmail at
Thu Jan 7 21:12:54 CET 2010

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>> So what is the "worshipped" approach, when you need more than name=value
>> pairs ?
> JSON is one option:
Thanks, didn't think about that, although most of the apps I know don't 
seem to use this approach for improved conf file handling ( ipython, 
pylons, etc ).

To me , the ipython way ( hybrid: and *.ini files ) 
seems to be the most comprehensive way amongst the larger apps I know 
of, since it let you have a python coded file for what ever you might 
want to do during initialization and have additional .ini files, 
,possibily several in different locations, for simpler options in 
name,value format.

Has anybody experiences with other tools that use this approach ?


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