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Thu Jan 7 23:38:57 CET 2010


import lxml.html
import re

src = """
lksjdfls <div id ='amazon_345343'> kdjff lsdfs </div> sdjfls <div id
=   "amazon_35343433">sdfsd</div><div id='amazon_8898'>welcome</div>
hello, my age is 86 years old and I was born in 1945. Do you know
PI is roughly 3.1443534534534534534 """

regex = re.compile('amazon_(\d+)')

doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring(src)

for div in doc.xpath('//div[starts-with(@id, "amazon_")]'):
    match = regex.match(div.get('id'))
    if match:
        print match.groups()[0]

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> Oltmans  <rolf.oltmans at> wrote:
>>I've written this regex that's kind of working
>>but I was just wondering that there might be a better RegEx to do that
>>same thing. Can you kindly suggest a better/improved Regex. Thank you
>>in advance.
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