interactive terminal in Ubuntu Linux : libreadline5-dev works only in Python 2.6 not 3.1

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Sun Jan 10 00:10:20 CET 2010

On Sat, 9 Jan 2010 13:27:07 -0800 (PST), casevh <casevh at>

>Did you recompile Python 3.1.1 after installing libreadline5-dev?
>(From the Python 3.1.1 directory. Your options to configure may vary.)
>make distclean
>./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-computed-gotos --with-wide-
>make altinstall

Thanks so much for your help . . . but I'm going backwards, probably
due to my inadequate knowledge of Linux.

Ran the above vebatim, except had to do      sudo make install    .
Python recompiled and the system appears to be in same path/dir as
before :  /home/dave/python31/Python-3.1.1
Called up interactive prompt  >>>  with  $ python3 , as before.

Problems :
    1. prompt keys remain fouled up as before.
    2. will not import  random  module, either from prompt or
            from any of my prewritten modules.  Get ImportError 
           /usr/local/lib/Python3.1/lib-dynload/ :
            undefined symbol : PyUnicode UCS4_FromString
                Some other modules will import : math , sys, os
    3. Some of my pre-existing modules will not run : have
          not checked them all, but apparently those with random.
    4. Attempted to read my modules with gedit.  Pulls them
          up but refuses to save :          could not save file
               You do not have permission necessary to save file.
          This is same path my modules were in before the
          recompile and the dir I made for them. Had no trouble 
          saving them previously.

If no fix available, I'll reinstall from the Python-3.1.1 that 
I extracted from the tarball , and go back to XP for a while  : (

Dave WB3DWE       pdlemper at 

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