Microsoft Office Word and Python (Win XP)

3lvss0809 at 3lvss0809 at
Sun Jan 10 01:23:37 CET 2010

Marco did you also make the HD files to it worked for you? Because I
cannot even imagine how only three lines would do everything - find
correct folder (path) of the files, find maximum number, move the
entire text,... In this 3 lines is not stated that we are talking
about the files that start with "HD" so I wonder how it worked for
you. Nothing was moved on my PC. I have done some research about the
line "app = Dispatch("Word.Application")" and saw this:

The script described here is different comparing to what I want to do
but I might be able to use some ideas - of course, since Im not a
programmer, I need to study the functions before. On the link the user
is trying to replace parts (predefinited or not - i don't know) of
the .doc files - this is not moving/copying entire text but the topic
is still about writing something into .doc through python.
Unfortunatelly for me, his script doesn't need to search for
correct .doc file.

So I kept searching and came to this:

This task is very close to what I want but still different. If we try
to compare;

"I am a text" (his task) = already exsisting (if any) text in my HDX
file where X is the highest number (my task)
"Hello" (his task) = whole text inside .doc with always the same name
on the same location (my task)

then thats it. I believe just those two differences exsist.

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