py2exe "for loop" hangs in compiled program

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Mon Jan 11 05:53:42 CET 2010

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>the application is an interface to a sqlite database and stores image
>metadata (such as year, event, photographer, people on image etc.). i
>use pyqt4 for the interface and developed this application on a linux
>platform (python 2.5.4). friends of mine liked what i have done an want
>it for their windows computers. so i setup a test system (win XP and
>python 2.6.?). copying the code to this system and starting it: works
>as intended. however they complain python whats this, this is sooo
>complicated etc. so i took refuge in using py2exe, planing to give them
>a zip compressed archive ... testing this option i found out that on
>the surface all looks nice (GUI and functions etc) however: extending
>to "larger" datasets (>~50 images) some of the for loops stop after
>some time.            
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