lightweight encryption of text file

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Mon Jan 11 06:21:14 CET 2010

On Jan 8, 11:14 am, Daniel Fetchinson <fetchin... at>
> I have a plain text file which I would like to protect in a very
> simple minded, yet for my purposes sufficient, way. I'd like to
> encrypt/convert it into a binary file in such a way that possession of
> a password allows anyone to convert it back into the original text
> file while not possessing the password one would only see the
> following with the standard linux utility 'file':
> [fetchinson at fetch ~]$ file
> data
> and the effort required to convert the file back to the original text
> file without the password would be equivalent to guessing the
> password.

gpg -c simpletextfile.txt -o simpletextfile.gpg

But I guess you can't depend on users to have gpg installed so you
have to roll out some unvetted Python tool.

Carl Banks

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