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On 1/11/2010 2:50 PM, tanix wrote:
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>> This site pops up spam windowns. One was blocked, one managed to bypass
>> the popup blocker. Tnis is not friendly behaviour.
> I am sorry. But this is a known issue.
> This is one of counter vendors doing these popups.
> They were contacted about this but they refuse to deal with it.
> These popups are totally inappropriate.
> These counters will be removed with the next major site update.


>> Some categories have 100s of entries. Better, I think, to use a search
>> engine such as  Google with more specific search terms and a snippet of
>> context for each result.
> Well, I can not tell you what is better for you.
> You have to decide on your own.
> What I can tell you is this: when you do Google search, you are not
> going to get the most appropriate results. Because their filtering
> is orders of magnitude less precise.

What you have told me is that you are woefully ignorant of how good 
Google results are. For example, search 'pyparsing'. First 3 hits are

Just what one would want to get info about and possibly download 
PyParsing. Compare that to a linear scan of 100s of titles under your 
general category 'parsing'.

> There is currenly work going on to do internal site search that
> will further increase precision.

A site search bar would improve its usefulness a lot.

Terry Jan Reedy

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