decode(..., errors='ignore') has no effect

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Tue Jan 12 15:27:02 CET 2010

On 01/12/10 23:50, Jens Müller wrote:
>> To convert unicode into str you have to *encode()* it.
>> u"...".decode(...) will implicitly convert to ASCII first, i. e. is
>> equivalent to
>> u"...".encode("ascii").decode(...)
>> Hence the error message
> Ah - yes of course.
> And how can you use the system's default encoding with errors=ignore?
> The default encoding is the one that is used if no parameters are given
> to "encode".
> Thanks again!

>>> import sys
>>> sys.getdefaultencoding()
>>> u'M\xfcnchen, pronounced
[\u02c8m\u028fn\xe7\u0259n]'.encode(sys.getdefaultencoding(), 'ignore')
'Mnchen, pronounced [mnn]'

unless this is for debugging, I doubt ignoring error in this particular
case is an acceptable solution (how do you pronounce [mnn]?)

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