force URLencoding script

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Tue Jan 12 23:07:58 CET 2010

João wrote:
> On Jan 12, 8:05 pm, r0g <aioe.... at> wrote:
>> João wrote:
>>> Someone please?
>> Haven't seen your original post yet mate, usenet can be flaky like that,
>> might have been a good idea to quote your original post!
>> Roger.
> Thanks Roger.
>> João wrote:
>>> Someone please?
>>> Hi.
>>> I'm trying to figure out how to force URLencoding in my Python 2.4.3
>>> environment, receiving data as an input argument but I'm really at a loss
>>> here.
>>> What am I doing wrong?

> headers =  {  ’User-Agent’  :  user_agent  }

Those quotes need to be either " or ' i.e.

headers =  {  'User-Agent'  :  user_agent  }

If that doesn't sort it then it would be helpful to see a traceback or,
if it is not crashing, get a description of how it is failing to do what
you expect.



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