Bugs in CPython 3.1.1 [wave.py]

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at start.no
Tue Jan 12 23:47:31 CET 2010

* Steve Holden:
> Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>> * Stefan Behnel:
>>> Alf P. Steinbach, 12.01.2010 12:51:
>>>> Well how f*****g darn patient do they expect me to be?
>>>> I've decided: I'm not.
>>>> Oh sh**, just as I typed the period above the mail finally arrived.
>>>> It's been, let's see,  about 20+ minutes!
>>>> And still some miles to go.
>>>> Somebody should say THANK YOU for all this effort, pointing out not
>>>> just the bug but exactly what needs fixing, not whining about me not
>>>> wasting half an hour on going through proper channels after already
>>>> wasting much time on that bug!
>>> Maybe you should just stop using the module. Writing the code yourself
>>> is certainly going to be faster than reporting that bug, don't you think?
>> It's part of the standard Python distribution.
>> Don't you think bugs in the standard library should be fixed?
>> Anyways, is there any alternative for wave output in Windows except
>> writing the thing from scratch?
> For what it's worth, reporting the bug is the right decision. Had you
> gone to the trouble of a rewrite and proposed your new module for the
> standard library the first discovery you would have made is that nothing
> gets accepted without a commitment of maintenance.
> Clearly that would have been too much to accept when you merely wish to
> correct a small-ish bug in an already satisfactory module.
> Thanks again, and I hope the change gets into 3.2, and also the next 3.1
> maintenance release. The only remaining requirement is some developer
> time, but that is our scarcest resource.
> regards
>  Steve
> PS: Next time it would have helped to include a URL to the issue.
>     http://bugs.python.org/issue7681
>     FYI there is already some feedback in the tracker.

Yeah, someone who had the bright idea that maybe there isn't a bug, thinking 
instead that maybe a "wrong" name in *a comment* might be the culprit  --  of 
all things!

He was probably just trying to be helpful.

But what do you say to someone who tries to help but is really just making a 
mess of things? Obama tackled that nicely when he got Thorbjørned (Thorbjørn 
Jagland applying some heavy pressure to give him the Nobel Peace Price). But I'm 
not Obama...


- Alf

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