Bugs in CPython 3.1.1 [wave.py]

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at start.no
Wed Jan 13 09:00:47 CET 2010

* Stefan Behnel:
> Alf P. Steinbach, 13.01.2010 06:55:
>> * Steven D'Aprano:
>>> I think you need to chill out and stop treating a simple bug report 
>>> as a personal slight on you.
>> I'm sorry but you're again trying to make people believe something 
>> that you know is false, which is commonly called lying: it is not the 
>> case that I have strong feelings or any feelings at all about that bug 
>> report or any other.
> Then why don't you just stop blaming the world for that terrible doom 
> that was laid upon you by running into a bug?

I'm sorry but as Steven did in the quoted material above you're trying to make 
people believe something that you know is false: I haven't blamed the world, nor 
described the bug as terrible or a doom, and you know that.

On the other hand, I did let out some steam here, at the start of thread. :-)

While making sure that nobody else would have to waste time on that bug.

It shouldn't be anything to get upset by.

However, that happens. In Norway in the week that was a woman died because the 
emergency services got upset about the nephew's strong language. They decided 
that instead of an ambulance let's send the police, so the poor woman died while 
the police where shackling all the relatives (with force) outside the house...

>> But you're starting to annoy me.
> Funny that it's you writing that.

Yeah, it's understandable if you harbor Negative Feelings about me. I have the 
annoying habit of seeing that something's wrong and saying it, and as I recall 
there was a very poular movie about such a guy once, where many of the laughs 
came from just how incredibly annoying it was that he was right all the time in 
spite of his social position at the bottom of the ladder, sort of exremely 
incongruous. Happily *I* am often wrong, perhaps 40% of the contested issues, so 
if you focus on that then perhaps all may still be well. :-)

Cheers & hth.,

- Alf

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