Is python not good enough?

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>> >Is python not good enough? for google, enhance python performance is
>> >the good way better then choose build Go language?
>> It is not at all clear that -- despite some comments to the contrary --
>> the Go developers are intending to compete with Python. =A0Go seems much
>> more intended to compete with C++/Java. =A0If they're successful, we may
>> eventually see GoPython. =A0;-)
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>GoPython i think would be neat.

Well, as soon as they restore the braces to identify the code
blocks and provide the functionality of advanced statically
type languages, such as threads, async processing, all synchronization
primitives, garbage collection, events and GUI, i'd be willing
to switch to Python. Some of it is already there. But not all.

Except, before doing it, I'd like to know what Python buys me
compared to say Java.

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