Is python not good enough?

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>>> >Is python not good enough? for google, enhance python performance is
>>> >the good way better then choose build Go language?
>>> It is not at all clear that -- despite some comments to the contrary --
>>> the Go developers are intending to compete with Python. =A0Go seems much
>>> more intended to compete with C++/Java. =A0If they're successful, we may
>>> eventually see GoPython. =A0;-)
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>>GoPython i think would be neat.
> Well, as soon as they restore the braces to identify the code
> blocks and provide the functionality of advanced statically
> type languages, such as threads, async processing, all synchronization
> primitives, garbage collection, events and GUI, i'd be willing
> to switch to Python. Some of it is already there. But not all.
> Except, before doing it, I'd like to know what Python buys me
> compared to say Java.

The lack of knowledge shown here gives me even less confidence in your
"Goldmine" collections than before.


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