Code Generator written in python

Arnaud Delobelle arnodel at
Wed Jan 13 17:09:38 CET 2010

nyoka <danshizzle at> writes:

> Can someone help me with sample python code for a code generator

Sure, here are some example of self-evaluating python objects, i.e. for each v

       v == eval(v)

I'm quite proud of the last one.

v = (lambda x:x%('"''""'+x+'"''""'))("""(lambda x:x%%('"''""'+x+'"''""'))(%s)""")

v = (lambda x:x%('r\"'+x+'\"'))(r"(lambda x:x%%('r\"'+x+'\"'))(%s)")

v = (lambda x:x%`x`)('(lambda x:x%%`x`)(%s)')

v = (lambda x: x+"("+`x`+")")('(lambda x: x+"("+`x`+")")')

v = "\"%s\" %% ((r\"%s\",)*2)" % ((r"\"%s\" %% ((r\"%s\",)*2)",)*2)



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