interactive terminal in Ubuntu Linux : libreadline5-dev works only in Python 2.6 not 3.1

Lee Harr missive at
Wed Jan 13 22:49:28 CET 2010

>> When you first had this problem, was python3 installed from
>> source, or was it from the Ubuntu repository?

> Over a month ago I downloaded the tarball Python-3.1.1 from
> the python website.  Then the Synaptic Package Manager did not
> contain this ( latest ) version. There is already python 2.x on my
> Ubuntu 9.04 ( think its 2.6 ).  Think I saw 3.0 on Synaptic but
> not 3.1  Supposedly 3.1 has faster i/o .

If you are mostly using your Ubuntu system to work with Python 3.1,
I recommend upgrading to 9.10 if that is not a big problem.

The python 3 version in the 9.10 repo is 3.1.1

Actually, if I/O is important, I'd recommend a full install of 9.10 so that
you can get the ext4 file system. I have found it offers some very
impressive speedups with the disk -- especially for deleting files.

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