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Fri Jan 15 04:31:35 CET 2010

Paul Boddie wrote:
> On 28 Des 2009, 08:32, Andrew Jonathan Fine
> <eternalsqu... at> wrote:
>>               As a hobby to keep me sane, I am attempting to retrain
>> part time at home as a jeweler and silversmith, and I sometimes used
>> Python for generating and manipulating code for CNC machines.
> It occurs to me that in some domains, this combination of Python and
> the design and production of physical artifacts could be fairly
> attractive, even though it may or may not be what you want to focus on
> in pursuing a software career. For example, I follow the goings-on in
> the various open hardware communities, and there isn't really a
> shortage of boards, controllers, components or chipsets which can be
> put to use, but taking these things and producing a well-designed case
> in order to deliver a readily usable piece of equipment is something
> which seems beyond most of the interested parties: people who know one
> thing well can be completely oblivious of the ways of another thing.
> Sometimes, it seems to pay to be knowledgeable in two different kinds
> of endeavour whose practitioners rarely interact, and perhaps there
> might be opportunities for you in this regard. Nevertheless, I
> obviously wish you success in your employment search.

As encouragement, or at least corroboration:

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