Changing var names

Phlip phlip2005 at
Fri Jan 15 21:47:17 CET 2010

Victor Subervi wrote:

 > Should I re-write it in classes before testing units? Right now it's
 > very monolithic.

The "Unit" in unit tests is a misnomer. It refers to an old QA concept, for 
high-end projects, that the failure of any test should implicate only one unit.

We only need "developer tests". They help, when we change the code, to avoid 
excessive debugging. And to test a given method you must be able to access it, 
so tests force your code to be decoupled. But a test may call as many functions 
as it needs, regardless what "unit" they live in.

If you don't have tests yet, then sometimes a rewrite is indicated (and 
sometimes it's very easy and will produce _very_ clear code!). But in most cases 
like yours the best advice is to write your next feature using "test driven 
development". Write the test first, get it to fail, then change the code as 
little as possible to get it to pass. Repeat until done, occasionally refactoring.

If old code now works, just leave it alone. Until it needs a new feature, and 
then wham! it has tests.


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