remote evaluation of Python code typed in html webpage frame

r0g at
Sat Jan 16 17:55:47 CET 2010

Anand Vaidya wrote:
> On Jan 16, 12:26 am, r0g <aioe.... at> wrote:
>>>> Diez
>> The Web2py framework works a bit like that, although it's not quite as
>> simplistic as what you describe. May be worth a look though.
>> Roger.
> Hi r0g,
> web2py is a web-app framework (very similar to django, pylons etc) and
> it does not execute user form-submitted python code. It executes
> applications written and stored on the server-side only.
> You are probably referring to some other project???
> Regards
> Anand

Actually no I AM referring to web2py, the framework. I count it as
relevant because it has a web interface with built in code editor. That
would allow to OP to create a server where permitted users could enter
code which is then executed on that server, which is what he asked for.
Clearly there's much more to web2py than the above but in lieu of more
information from the OP it's a fair answer.


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