How to install local module other than in "site-packages"?

Jive Dadson notontheweb at
Mon Jan 18 01:07:04 CET 2010

    (My apologies if this question shows up twice.  I posted it quite a 
while ago, and it's yet to show up.)

    This is no doubt a beginner's question, but I've searched for the 
answer for quite a while, to no avail.  I'm running Python 2.6 under 
Windows XP.

    How do I install a module that I wrote, without putting it in the 
site-packages directory for a specific release?  I have stuff that, to 
the best of my knowledge and belief, ought to work under any release.  I 
do not want to have multiple copies of it.  When I edit one of the 
modules, I want it to "take" for every release.  Is that clear?  Hope so.

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