More version woes

Jive Dadson notontheweb at
Mon Jan 18 09:08:35 CET 2010

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Jan 2010 23:15:28 -0800, Jive Dadson wrote:
>> Sorry.  That deprecation warning has nothing to do with the slowness. It
>> does torque my jaw, however.  Komodo costs money, and Python 2.6 broke
>> it. @#^&!!! (Again.)
>> So, the new question is, does anyone know how to make Komodo 3.5 run at
>> speed with Python 2.6?  Or perhaps better yet, can someone suggest a
>> good IDE that doesn't cost much?
> Perhaps you should be asking the Komodo forums?
> Or since you paid for it, perhaps you should be asking customer support?
> I suspect that they'll probably tell you that since the latest version of 
> Komodo is 5.2, and you're using 3.5, you should stop using a version that 
> is over four years old and almost certainly not supported.

Yep.  They want $295, and I cannot justify that for personal use.  I'll 
be looking for a cheaper one.

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